• Off-line cable measuring systems
  • Wire butt welding machines
  • Lubricants for the drawing of copper and aluminium, glass
  • Automatic CNC spring making machines
  • Wire drawing and stranding spools strictly to DIN specification,
    collapsible spools, spool handling equipment
  • Process monitoring equipment
  • Kneader compounding machines, such as the revolutionary
    new Quantec, for cable insulating materials
  • Conform extrusion machines
  • Ceramic wire drawing cones, rings, wire guides and pulleys for wire
    drawing machines
  • Rigid, Tubular, Planetary, Bow stranders, single and double twist
    bunching machines
  • Powder applicators for talcum and super absorbent powder
  • Straightening roller systems and traversing units
  • Wire Straightening and cutting off machines, nail and spring making
  • Wire galvanising and heat treatment lines, bell type annealing ovens
  • Staple making machines.
  • Wire pointing and pulling-in machines, tube pointing presses
  • Non-ferrous wire drawing lines, rod breakdown machines, take-ups
  • Steel wire drawing lines, spoolers and coilers
  • Taping and impregnating lines
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