• Spare parts and service for existing wire processing equipment
  • Colouring inks for cable marking
  • Airwipes and Cable Jacket Srippers
  • Nail Making Machines
  • Enamelled wire production lines
  • Extrusion lines for cable, tubes and pipes. Optical fiber cable making
  • Pay-offs and Take-up equipment, spooling machines
  • Wire drawing dies ie Tungsten Carbide, Natural Diamond and Compax
    dies and die reburbishing machines
  • Upcast continuous casting machines
  • Portable hydraulic cutting and straightening machines
  • Steel Wire Powder lubricant recovering machines
  • Steel and copper rolling mills
  • Cable Reel Handling systems
  • Chemicals for industrial purposes, such as wire plating lines
  • Powdertech electrostatic powder applicators
  • Tooling for bar turning machines for steel and brass
  • Combined drawing, straightening, and polishing lines, “Kieserling” bar
    turning machines, copper tubing production lines, centreless grinders,
    heavy coiling and payoff equipment
  • Complete range of wire and cable monitoring equipment
  • Cable filling gels and compounds for optical fiber, telephone and
    power cables
  • Equipment for tube and pipe manufacture, including spinner blocks
    for non-ferrous tubing.
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