Engineering and Technical Services
Our engineering and service division supports and gives technical backup
to Macotech clients within Southern Africa. Our staff are sent regularly to
our suppliers for training and courses and are able to service the latest
state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

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Spare Services
This department is managed by Monica Valongo who is dedicated to giving our
customers full-time service. Besides spare parts, we also supply consumables
such as wire guides, ceramic and metal capstans for non-ferrous drawing.

Wire drawing lubricants for non-ferrous drawing
We carry large stocks of various types of Batoyle lubricants.
The excellent quality of these products have been confirmed by a consistent
gain in market share in South Africa over the last 10 years.

Wire butt welding machines for ferrous
and non-ferrous wire which are used in wire
drawing and cable making factories. Macotech
represents August Strecker of Germany.

Machine repair workshop. Macotech operates a fully equipped workshop for the repair/upgrading of machinery such as wire butt welders, resistance butt welders,
portable wire cutters and other portable equipment.